Brugge Mature | Bruges cheese
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Brugge Mature

Enjoy the fully firm texture and intense creamy flavour of a real Brugge Cheese masterpiece. To produce this cheese, we have thought of everything: from the best feed for the cows to the ripening process of at least 4 months in the very best conditions under the watchful eyes of our master cheese-makers. Nothing is left to chance here. And the impressive end product, our Brugge Mature, is a refined cheese that we are really proud of.

Brugge Mature goes perfectly on a slice of toasted fruit loaf and on the cheeseboard. The cheese and its complex taste pallet come into their own in numerous savoury recipes and desserts. The full creamy flavour beautifully complements the tangy taste of ripe tomatoes.

Do you want to give yourself a real treat? Prepare dry mashed potato (with as little milk as possible), shred some Brugge Mature and mix this into the mash along with some fresh rosemary. Leave the mash to cool completely. Then roll the mash into little dumplings, wrap smoked bacon around them and grill the dumplings on the BBQ. Yum-yum!

Recipes with this Brugge cheese