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Cheese platter

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Create a cheese dish following the rules of art. How do you go about that?

Everyone knows that a beautifully presented cheeseboard with a good variety of cheese is a real treat. However, choosing a harmonious range of flavours and textures to suit everyone's taste is not so straightforward.

That is why we would like to offer you a helping hand with a number of useful tips.

1. Allow about 250 grams of cheese per person if you are serving the cheeseboard as a main dish. For a dessert course, allow around 100 grams of cheese per person.

2. Don't overdo it: arrange the various types of cheese for example in a circle, whereby you start with the mildest flavour and build up to the strongest flavour, or from the softest to the hardest or from the youngest to the oldest cheese. In this way your guests can gauge how the cheese will taste.

3. Decoration matters! Garnish your cheese dish with nuts, dried fruits, grapes or even cherry tomatoes. Pickled pearl onions or gherkins go perfectly with a cheeseboard. Experiment above all with your favourites.

4. Why not try a spicy mustard or some Liege syrup.

5. Bread is not just bread. For a cheeseboard you can of course choose delicious freshly baked French bread, but also slices of wholemeal bread, nut bread or sour-dough go well with a cheeseboard. Gingerbread or Belgian rusks are a tasty addition.

6. Choose a good quality butter such as Dixmuda, Brugge butter rolls or Nazareth butter.

7.In the cheese delicatessen ask for cheese cocktail sticks with the names of the cheeses. That way you can boast about your knowledge of cheese during the evening.

8. Can't decide between beer or wine? Don't hesitate to ask your cheese specialist for advice. A dark brown abbey beer is for example a perfect match with Brugge Prior whereas a dry white wine goes beautifully with Brugge Mature.Take a look at our cheeses here for more combination tips!