Fillet of Pork with Brugge Blomme | Bruges cheese
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Fillet of Pork with Brugge Blomme

4 pers.
60 min

2 fillets of pork

2 sheets of aluminium foil

300 g Brugge Blomme

a few mushrooms

6 sprigs of oregano

Nazareth butter

pepper and salt

Slice open the pork fillet and fill with slices of Brugge Blomme, finely chopped oregano, finely chopped mushrooms and pepper and salt.

Fold open the aluminium foil and carefully wrap the filled pork fillet in it.

Leave to stand in the fridge for a few hours.

Remove the foil and fry in butter for four minutes over a high heat and then gently over a medium heat for another ten minutes turning at regular intervals.

Cut into slices approximately 3 cm thick and serve with jacket potatoes, steamed courgettes, cauliflower and/or mixed Provencal sauce for instance.