Fresh tart with Brugge Abt | Bruges cheese
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Fresh tart with Brugge Abt

4 pers.

200 g dry biscuits

3 dessertspoons of rum and three dessertspoons of any red-coloured jam

4 eggs

200 g can sugar

200 g Brugge Abt

300 g Quark or low-fat cheese fresh

8 sheets of gelatin

1 liter can of peaches or apricots (or fresh fruit)

2 lemons

Butter a baking tin and cover with baking paper.

Crumble the biscuits and mix with jam and rum and spread out onto the baking tin. Mix the Brugge Abt cheese with the Quark in a blender.

Beat the egg yolks and sugar until frothy and add to the cheese mixture adding a bit of grated lemon zest.

Gently heat the lemon juice and mix in the dissolved gelatine, then add this to the cheese mixture along with half the fruits (chopped into pieces) and pour the whole mixture into the baking tin.

Leave to cool for 24 hours and garnish with the rest of the fruit.

You can also decorate with some coulis.