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Nantwich Cheese Awards

13 Oct 2015

Proud, that is exactly how we feel. And grateful. Not just one but two of our Brugge Cheeses were rewarded with prizes at the international Nantwich Cheese Awards, which are known to be the biggest and best cheese 'Awards' in the world.  

We were already thrilled with a bronze medal for our Brugge Dentelle, a creamy and soft little cheese. But when the Brugge Prestige, made from fresh spring milk and aged for 15 months on wooden boards, won the gold medal, the party really started! 

The international jury was very enthousiastic about the full flavour of the Brugge prestige and the creamy Brugge Dentelle.

This recognition on international level of the taste and quality of our Brugge Cheese delights us. Especially when you come to think that on this edition of the Nantwich Cheese Awards 4.611 cheeses were submitted by 274 different dairy producers from all around the globe were judged.

These awards motivate us to strive to an excellent quality each and every day. 

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