Brugge Abbey Pater | Bruges cheese
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Brugge Abbey Pater

Brugge Abbey Pater with its orange rind is a perfect cheese to take in your picnic basket if you are planning a day out in the countryside. A more than five-week old cheese that is extremely easy to appreciate, with everything revolving around its deliciously mild flavour. This cheese does not need many extras, just a slice of nut bread or a chunk of rye bread. Too cold outside? Well, the fireside is the perfect partner for a piece of melted Brugge Abbey Pater.

Feel like having a culinary adventure? Try a crisp salad with walnut oil, a smidgen of mustard, some cubes of Brugge Abbey Pater, a few slices of green apple, some finely chopped endives, a few crushed walnuts, fresh lamb's lettuce, grapes and a little apple vinegar. Enjoy your meal!

Recipes with this Brugge cheese