Brugge Comtesse | Bruges cheese
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Brugge Comtesse

Brugge Comtesse is the Grande Dame in the range of Brugge Cheeses. With its creamy texture, ivory coloured centre and fruity aroma it keeps on surprising.

Comtesse has a generous, multi-faceted flavour with notes of roasted hazelnut, vanilla and summer fruit. It goes extremely well with an aperitif, but also in a sandwich or fresh salad. It also combines particularly well with sun-ripened figs, slightly sweet chutneys and earthy root vegetables. The possibilities are endless.

Brugge Comtesse is made from completely naturally processed cow’s milk, without the addition of natural colourants. This gives the cheese its wonderful pale colour. A special feature is that the cheese is salted for a shorter time, so it contains less salt than other cheeses of its type. It is also naturally lactose-free.

Its deep blue fabric coating protects the cheese and hints at the luxurious velvet gowns of the Countesses of Flanders. But the link with Bruges “the beautiful” is never far away.

Our master cheese-makers have to take a lot of care with this noble lady. During the 7-month maturing process it has to be brushed and turned repeatedly. Air humidity and temperature are accurately controlled. Only in this way does it develop its specific fruitiness and creamy texture. This makes Comtesse a unique cheese with endless possibilities. 

Recipes with this Brugge cheese