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Brugge old

Brugge Old is a classic among the cheeses. Since 1992 it has been the pater familias, the senior member of our Brugge Cheese family for 2 decades already. Brugge Old derives its name from the time it takes to ripen. This long maturation process creates a really intense, flavoursome cheese with those typical white spots or cheese crystals on the rinds.

Furthermore Brugge Old has a very low lactose content. Brugge Old is an adult, confident cheese that attracts all the attention on a cheeseboard.

Try our Brugge Old in a fresh salad of rocket, tomatoes, Parma ham, olive oil and a generous splash of balsamic vinegar.  This cheese really comes into its own combined with a top fermented beer or with a rather dry white wine such as Verdicchio.

Recipes with this Brugge cheese