Brugge Rodenbach | Bruges cheese
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Brugge Rodenbach

A truly authentic West Flanders cheese, that is what you get when you combine two of our region's specialities. Rodenbach beer combined with a creamy piquant cheese. Brugge Rodenbach is created via a unique process: the cheese is ripened in the well-known beer from Roeselare. The acidic taste of the beer penetrates through the rind to the inside, giving the cheese its unique velvety and refined flavour.

This cheese is of course a perfect combination with Rodenbach beer. Delicious with a little celery salt or traditional grainy mustard. Or treat yourself to a surprise with a slice of Brugge Rodenbach on olive bread. You don't like a fuss? Then simply let the cheese speak for itself. 

Recipes with this Brugge cheese