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Cheese Market Ambassador 2015

25 Feb 2016

After top chef Philippe Serruys of De Gouden Harynck restaurant finished his tenure as Cheese Market Ambassador in 2013, top chef Patrick Devos of the eponymous restaurant followed in his footsteps as Cheese Market Ambassador 2014.

For 2015, top chef Filip Claeys of gourmet restaurant De Jonkman has pledged to bear the title of Cheese Ambassador 2015.

"Filip Claeys is part of the generation of young chefs who are quite often, but not always justifiably so, described as being rock ’n roll. Thinking outside the box is easy for Filip. His cuisine is original, authentic and not exactly mainstream. But neither the chef nor the kitchen is rough or edgy, characteristics you easily associate with the Rolling Stones and other rock 'n rollers. Filip does however also have a distinct character and personality. But both bring to mind more of an introverted, amiable jazz saxophone player. And rather a wistful tenor sax than a blaring alto at that. With soft, energetically flowing tones, intriguing, with a twist and full of meaning. Yet his style always puts things in perspective. It's never uncontrolled, but always keeps both feet on the ground. For him, kitchen chef is the greatest profession in the world. Nothing more, but also nothing less."