Brugge Young | Bruges cheese
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Brugge Young

Smooth, soft yet flavoursome, creamy and tasty… Our Brugge Young is so full of flavour that you immediately taste the love and craftsmanship. Brugge Young matures for 5 weeks in the very best conditions, ensuring an exceptional and authentic taste.

This is a cheese for true lovers of a delicious hearty sandwich. As appetiser, this cheese is also the perfect accompaniment to a glass of sherry or fine Tawny port.

Do you prefer a glass of beer? Be sure to try a fresh Geuze along with cubes of Brugge Young cheese. This fresh and creamy mild cheese also belongs on the cheeseboard.

Of course a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with Brugge cheese tastes great every time, but do you dare to try something different? Then the combination of a slice of Brugge Young, some caramelised onion, sliced chicken breast, avocado and spring onions will be right up your street. Enjoy your meal!

Recipes with this Brugge cheese