Pancakes with Brugge Broodje Classic | Bruges cheese
Choosing cheese, piece of cake

Pancakes with Brugge Broodje Classic

4 pers.
45 min

250g Brugge classic cheese in slices

200 g Bruges butter


2 egg yolks, beaten

300 g pizza flour

3 eggs

100 g cane sugar

Sieve the flour and knead to make a smooth dough with the eggs and the sugar.

Roll out the dough to 2-3 cm thickness and make rounds of 12 cm diameter.

Make rounds of 8-10 cm diameter from the slices of cheese.

Apply egg yolk to 1 side of the pieces of dough.

Put a round of cheese on the egg yolk side of the dough and apply a second piece of dough with the egg side on the cheese and press the edges together firmly.

Heat butter in a non-stick pan and bake the cheese biscuits gold-brown on both sides.

Serve hot with lots of honey and a glass of cream sherry.